Sunday, 24 November 2013

Far East trip

Visiting Hong Kong is always a fascinating experience-7 million crowded into an island of half the area of county Limerick in Ireland with skycrapers reachig 50-70 storeys high. You build up rather than out because out is the sea!

It is is both a huge residentail/commercial centre and a container yard for the East. The people seem to live in many locations in shoe boxes in the more crowded areas while others live in luxurious apartments. The people look serious and focussed and work really hard. Employment is easy to find especially, in the construction industry at present and unlike the recession ridden west Hong Kong is seeking urgently 2,000 workers for the building of a railway.

Relations with mainland China seem to be harmonous at present although current debate concerns how they will elect the next Head of the island through democratic means or through committees designated -'fixed" by China.

Being in Church here on the Feast of Christ the King is a wonderful experience of life, singing and whole families together celebrating their faith. Almost 6,000 young adults were baptised last yesr in Hong Kong- many young adults- and this matches numbers in the mainland who turn to God as they see through the illusions of both liberal capitalism and oppressive communism- a real lesson for humanity.

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