Wednesday, 9 November 2016

A few days remaining -day 38 of GC 36

The Congregation strives to finish by Saturday next and this could be possible. The amendments  to the life and mission decree were on the floor of the aula today and will continue to be processed tomorrow.

 The most outstanding discussion and life giving sharing today was the planned  letter  of solidarity to Jesuits and collaborators working in war zones. A number of Jesuits have died, some have been kidnapped and many of our lay partners struggle on the frontiers of war to bring consolation to people in conflict. The grace of accompaniment people in war is mutual.  The Society is blessed by the fortitude, endurance, courage, resilience of innocent people living  war.  They witness to hope where there seems to be little hope and offer forgiveness in such unforgiving circumstances.  Being friends of the losers in conflict show us how to be human and christian.  Breaking bread with the suffering is a blessing to the Society and evangelises us. We need to encourage one another by our prayer and solidarity in friendship and service.

Fr. Rupnik's beautiful frescoe  expresses the mutual sharing of Christ with one another as we accompany people in distress and conflict in war zones today.

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