Saturday, 5 November 2016

A rock star Pope Francis- Day 34 of GC36

The Saturday morning session of GC 36 dealt with amendments to the formula of the Institute and the running of a Congregation.  It also dealt with some issues of governance for the Italian Roman houses where there are over 300 Jesuits.

People were happy to finish early after a heavy week and get a break for the weekend.  Some the members went to the meeting of the world gathering  of representatives of popular  movements. Over 92 movements were represented from 65 countries and at 5pm they were addressed by Pope Francis in the Aula Paolo V1.  There were over 4,000 people present. The themes of this year's meeting were the 3 Ls-labour, lodging and land.

Music from different continents, poetry, speeches from different members preceded his arrival.  His presence was received with delight, music and song and after his 6 page speech in Italian he moved amongst the people with a warmth, ease and smile that sent the people into raptures.  His presence is  so appreciated and loved.  He is received as if he is a rock star.  His talk is being translated from Italian and should be available from Monday next in English.

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