Thursday, 10 November 2016

A fruitful day- Day 39 GC36

I thought it would never see the light of day but it emerged after 6 drafts and over 100 amendments a decree on Life and Mission- reconciliation and justice.  it is not a perfect document but it has travelled a long road with much discussion and debate and one can go home happy now that the Congregation has elected a General  and produced a document on life and mission.

A great discussion also took place on a  letter of solidarity and support to Jesuits  working in war zones.  This letter touched the hearts of everyone and Jesuits who work and give their lives on the frontiers of war are indeed men of the Magis.

Good  discussions continued on the implementation of safeguarding protocols of minors and cultural  variances and sensibilities were touched on and it was a real learning experience.  Writing protocols is easy but implementing them in varying circumstances of work from refugee camps to schools in different political, social and cultural contexts is always a challenge.  But the credibility of all justice work will be tested by how minors and the vulnerable are protected and feel safe in all the works of the Society of Jesus.

Amendments were made to the 'governance in the service of mission document' and there was tense after today that the Congregations's work is coming to an end perhaps this week-end? Then it
will be time to say goodbye to Roma and Pope Francis.


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