Sunday, 6 November 2016

Thunderstorms in Rome on Day 35 of GC36

The weather has been gentle and kind for most days during  GC36. The average temperature was 21.  We did however, have two earthquakes in North of Rome and 4 tremors felt in Rome.  This afternoon  there was a real thunderstorm with thunder and lightning.  The outside Mass in St. Peter's Square was moved inside on Prisoner Sunday.

As we enter the sixth week of the Congregation the  reading of today was the fifth draft of the Mission and Life Decree. It is a shorter draft and it will be the subject of our discussions during the week.  Many Companions advised before the Congregation to please  not write more documents. There are sufficient already and many are not being implemented they say. However, it is difficult to be present at a 6 week meeting of 215 people from all over the world and not to produce something on mission today.  It will be interesting to see what will emerge at the end of the week.  Many think this may be our last week in session but we will have to wait and see.

It will be an interesting week with a possible end to the Congregation and the American people go to the polls on Tuesday.  However, what remains the same in many of our countries is that many of our brothers and sisters still live on the streets in winter time. This evening as one wanders around St. Peter's Square  people continue to sleep in doorways and under the pillars of St. Peter's Square  in spite of the thunderstorms.  Some good samaritans come along and give them some soup to keep out the cold.
The homeless continue to sleep out on a wet November evening in St. Peter's square and are helped by good Samaritans

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