Monday, 7 November 2016

Moving on Day 36 GC 36

Imagine the 6th week has begun of GC36 and given the process began over one year ago it has not shortened the time together.  Fr. General began the day  by cautioning on rushing and emphasised that it is the Congregation itself and not him alone who decides when the Congregation ends.  Many planned a six week Congregation but it may go longer. So, tickets may need to be changed.

A number of Provincials were announced from Russia, Lithuania, Germany and Ireland and Leonard Moloney from  Limerick was appointed Provincial of Ireland.  About half of the newly appointed Provincials are in the aula but the other half await a phone call at home from Rome.

The mission and life document came back for discussion and prayerful consideration.  It is now entitled  'Servants of the Joy of the Gospel'.  It still needs revision and amendments and quite a lot of work on the 5th draft.  It is quite remarkable how there is much struggle with this document. It is indicative of the process but also of the complex matter being handled.  The Society struggles with others to live a faith that does justice in a fast moving and complex world.  Answers are not easy and Pope Francis does give us some light in his own simple way of writing and speaking. Speaking to the leaders of the popular movements from 65 countries  last Saturday he called social activists "social poets" in dealing with the challenges of caring for mother earth, building justice and peace and putting the person in the centre of all economic models.  He has a way of talking about things of profound importance in ways that can be understood by the man/woman on the street.  I hope the Congregation can do the same and  not engage as one delegate mentioned in 'spiritual intoxication'.
The patience and flexibility of Simeon in the  temple awaiting baby Jesus is needed at this time.  This is a beautiful frescoe done by Fr. MI Rupnik SJ  in the infirmary chapel on the second floor of the infirmary chapel in the Canisio community  in Rome.

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