Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Spiritual conversation on the mission document -Day 30 of GC36

Jesuits love talking.  They feel more at home with head talk rather than heart talk.  After the 4th Draft of the mission document now entitled  "Called to deepen our life and Mission"- servants of the joy of the gospel- the members were asked to go and pray over the document .

 They  then came together in mixed groups to share the fruit of their prayer through active listening and intentional speaking and no discussion.  The second  step is  to share on how one was affected by what one heard  and the third step was to notice and share on the spiritual movements in the sharing.  Some described this  conversation as the best and  most honest conversation they had during the whole Congregation  where one can share ones fragility, vulnerability and not knowing the way forward.  These exchanges of the heart brought a lot of consolation to people even amidst desolation. This is what is called spiritual conversation.  A conversation of the heart rather just  mind talk.

It will take time for this document to mature  and courage, patience and trust is needed at this moment.


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