Friday, 11 November 2016

On the way home? - day 40 of GC36

If there are no further contributions or amendments to decrees before 12 midnight tonight GC36 will finish tomorrow with a closing Mass at 4pm.  

The aula passed a decree in the form of a letter of solidarity with Jesuits working in war zones. It was a decree that touched the hearts of all the members.

A recommendation was forwarded by the aula  to Fr.General to continue to strengthen protocols and
ongoing formation on child safe guarding and protection of minors since our faith that does justice demands that and our credibility in living and building a reconciled world
 makes this an absolute requirement.

In the afternoon reviews according to conferences took place and further reflection of the experience will take place tomorrow.

It indeed has been a powerful experience for all and especially for those who attended congregation for the first time.  The highlights were obviously the election of a General from Latin America, the visit and speech of Pope Francis and the passing of mission and life decree.  Now the real work begins in implementing the decrees that have been passed.

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