Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Following up on decrees on day 31 of GC 36

After prayerful consideration yesterday of the mission and life document it was agreed that the text needs to be worked on with new pairs of eyes,  hearts and minds.  The changed team are working on an update of the proposed decree and it will as usual be brought back to the aula for consideration and voting.

A governance in the service of mission decree was also discussed and proposals made and this will be re- worked and brought back to the aula.  A number of recommendations were also passed concerning procedures in relation to final vows and  financial procedures in the Society. Issues around the Roman Houses were discussed and there  are over 300 Jesuits living  in these communities- a number much bigger than some Provinces.

 Finally, a whole hearted discussion took place around child safe guarding, procedures, protocols and formation in line with the documents of the church and according to  Fr. General's letter in 2015. This letter  outlined the necessity of protocols, guidelines and systematic training  in all works with minors and vulnerable adults.  It  mandated such protocols,  procedures and programs of formation to be put in place in all Provinces of the Society of  Jesus.  It reinforced a faith that does  justice, safeguarding human rights and promoting the dignity of each and all.

It was a full days work and while the end may be in sight there is still quite a lot to get done.  Tomorrow there will be an informal meeting with the Jesuits  from the Near East Province.  The Jesuits from Syria  and the NE Province will update  the members  on the happenings in Syria and the neighbouring countries. People really look forward to being updated on this ongoing tragedy.  We keep the people of Syria in our thoughts and prayers.

Mosaic by Marko Ivan Rupnik SJ  in the big Chapel in the  Canisio community  in Rome.

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