Monday, 14 November 2016

On the way home..looking back and leaving Rome at the end of GC36

Rome is emptying out of Jesuits from GC36 and they are moving back to home.  People this morning left for Dublin, Hong Kong, Sydney and the South Asians  and Latin Americans and Africans are on their way home during the week.

There is a quiet satisfaction that things have gone well.  A new General was elected, a mission decree written and a number of other decrees around governance were completed.  A new post  of discernment and apostolic plan  was set up in the Curia in Rome to assist the General to follow up on plans.

Arranging a meeting of the Congregation at Assistancy  level a   year in advance  had advantages and disadvantages.  Th meeting a year ahead got people in the mood of preparation, enabled people to meet one another and it also formed commissions to write relevant documents.  The disadvantage is that the Congregation in reality in the aula began with addressing documents rather than enabling people to really connect with me another, listen to one another and deal with live hot issues.  So process was a key lesson  from this Congregation.  It is really important from the very beginning that people connect with me another before they connect with documents.  Secondly, that people in charge of process should have real expertise in process and group dynamics.  It is not sufficient to to appoint representatives from each assistancy for the sake of representation.  The Jesuits should perhaps do what most other congregations do is to bring someone neutral, professionally skilled and formed to facilitate the sessions.  It could be much more effective in terms of dealing issues and time saving.

The positive experience of making this a paperless congregation through the use of tablets needs to be underlined.  It was an experiment that really worked and congratulations to all the backup technical experts who did such a great job.

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