Friday, 4 November 2016

The General has a complete team now on day 33 of GC36

Today was voting day at the assembly for the Asssistants ad Providentiam and for the Admonitor of Fr. General.  These Assistants of Care  look after the well being of the General, from his health to exercise, diet, work timetable and ultimately if they deem the man is not fit to carry out the work they can inform the Society and call a General Congregation.   The Admonitor role is a kind of life and spiritual coach and advisor.  Usually these men are selected from the already appointed Assistantsand Delegates and Counsellors.  The four elected come from different Assistantcies.  They are Fratern Massawe from Africa, Vernon D'Cunha from India, John Dardis from Ireland and Doug W. Marcouiller from USA.  Doug was elected as the Admonitor as well. The full team of the new Fr. General is  now ready for action and this  completes the internal work for the most part of the congregation.  What remains outstanding is the Mission and Life document which is still with the redactors.  It is on  its fifth draft and this is the document people look forward to  discussing in the coming days.

The cold is beginning in Rome and there are surprisingly few tourists/pilgrims around these days.  The homeless still sleep out under the Vatican pillars where they feel welcome and secure beside Pope Francis.  It will become more difficult for them in the coming weeks as  the winter moves in.

One of the many homeless who sleeps under the columns of St Peter's Square every night.  They seem to feel secure and welcome around there and are not harassed by police.  However, the cold is moving in and sleeping out will be a real challenge.  The hostel opened by Pope Francis down the road for the homeless is full.


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