Saturday, 22 October 2016

3rd week almost over of GC 36...Day 20

Electing a General was the primary purpose for coming to Rome and there was excitement and real energy in the first two weeks in preparing for this.  There has been great consolation in the choice of the person. The second part of the Congregation  has begun in looking at Governance and suggestions of changing norms concerning around the resignation of a General.   These are not the most inspiring of topics except to canon lawyers and to  people concerned with central Governance.  Conversation has begun around the life and mission of the Society and has been delayed since the feedback from groups who met yesterday have not arrived back for the plenary session today.  This issue is of huge importance to the Society and to the Church since it will determine where the Jesuits will put they focus, energy and resources for the next number of years in the service of the people of God and the Church.  People seek something inspiring from the Congregation and just as pope Francis has inspired so many by his teachings and witness. The Jesuits need his guidance and enlightenment in the coming week as they reflect on their life and mission.

The Congregation is a wonderful time to meet Companions on the sidelines of the meeting.  The Irish and Australian Jesuits met last night to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the Irish Jesuits in Australia. It was a moment of joy and celebration for the wonderful work the Irish Jesuits  have done in Australia in tough times.  The link between the Australian and Irish Provinces is long and enduring and they share a very common history. It was celebrated with a glass of 2009 Clare Valley commemorative Shiraz.


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