Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Moving on in consideration of decrees- day 23 of GC36

There are different ways for a Congregation to address itself to the members of the Society.  It can do  with through recommendations to the `General who can follow up by sending letters to the Society or though decrees which are benchmark guides to priorities for the Society.  This was the subject of much conversation today in relation to life and mission of the Society, circumstances around the resignation of a General and a decree around child safeguarding.  Really good discussion took place, it was lively and energising and  many members felt that a prophetic, relevant and inspirational decree be completed on life and mission.

The diversity of cultures and views on many aspects of life and mission continues to be fascinating.  One can never take anything for granted and that ones own view point is so coloured by ones culture and where one lives and works.  West is best can never be a rule of thumb in the Society of Jesus.  It is through discussion and discernment one can find a way that best expresses the common values of the Gospel for the universal Society.  In order to discuss and discern one needs a strong Chairman of the sessions  in order to maintain discipline in conversation because people can wander down side roads of conversation, speak off the topic and tell stories. Overall, sessions remain focussed and productive and so time can be saved and not wasted for the 215 people  present.

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