Sunday, 30 October 2016

Tremors continue on Day 28 of GC 36

This morning at 7.45am the bed and floor shook and trembled.  Some people ran to the corridor I laid in my bed and it shook for at least one minute.  Unlike the three tremors of some days ago one felt this one.  People said the cars moved in the car park. It s an amazing sensation of being totally feeling out of control and waiting for the earth to swallow you up. But Sunday was a beautiful sunny day and a few of us went for a walk around the Villa Borghese.  Families and children were out playing and enjoying the beautiful day. St Peter's Square was full and processions and bands played and people dressed up in beautiful costumes to celebrate their favourite saint.  Religion in Rome is so full of theatre and drama and contains a healthy mixture of  the real, surreal, theatrical, dramatic, populist, romantic and enjoyable- a wonderful mixture of the way life is or should be!

We enter our fifth week of GC36 and one asks when will we finish.  Many estimate this will last another two weeks.  Next week elections of the General's team takes places-they are called Assistants.  The very important document on life and mission needs discussion, some juridical issues need attention and then perhaps freedom to move and move home.  The weather has been great outside the encounters and discussions inside between members have been rich for the most part although process at times gets mixed up and time loss took place.  To run a meeting for now  28 days is quite a task  and to keep 215 men with so much to say disciplined in discussion and on the point is indeed a challenge.  The journey continues......

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