Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Moving from Governance to Mission? Fr. Nicolas returns to ordinary mission -Day 17 of GC17

Structures discussions normally follow mission  discussions  but in the past 3 days structures of governance  have been the topic of conversation.  Elections of  the Curia team  will occur in the coming weeks and some follow up from GC 35 on structural and governance issues needed to be dealt with before the old team move on and the new team move in.  Better communication between the different units of governance is coming forward as suggestions to the new General and streamlining of management structures is also being suggested. Fr. General will talk to a number of these issues tomorrow before we move on to mission issues. Issues of structures and governance are not the most inspiring of topics but for many valuable  information on how the Society works has been shared with many delegates who are new to Congregations and Roman issues.

Moving from Governance Fr. Nicolas left the Congregation today for a trip back to his native Spain and then if health allows him  he will go back to his old mission home to the Philippines.  As usual and according to the humble Nicolas he departed by shaking hands with each delegate at coffee break and without fuss or footlights went back to being an ordinary Jesuit.  He is indeed a model of humility and kindness for all.

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