Sunday, 2 October 2016

Opening Mass for GC36

It is lovely cool morning in Rome.  The night rains have cleansed the air and there is a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere in the gardens of the Jesuit Curia. Everyone has arrived for the opening Mass at 5pm this afternoon in the Gesu Church.  There is an air of joy and expectation amongst the delegates coming from different parts of the globe.  Many know one another from former gatherings or places of studies.  The Jesuit communities in Rome have made huge preparations to accommodate over 220 delegates.  It is indeed a moment of blessing and grace for the Society of Jesus as it elects a new General and renews and reinvigorates its mission to the peoples of the world.  The success of this Congregation depends  on all our prayers and the docility of the delegates to the urging and voice of the Holy Spirit.  Pray for us. 

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