Sunday, 9 October 2016

Rest day after a busy week - day 7 of GC 36

It has been raining intermittently in the past few days but today Sunday was just beautiful and the Delegates had a free day. Some who are new to Rome visited the different sites. Pope Francis celebrated  Mass in St Peter's Square.  A few went for a swim  and all had some kind of rest and relaxation after a pretty intense week.  The Congregation begins the Murmuratio tomorrow Monday in the service of electing a General.

Unlike political campaigns and open debates about a person  Jesuits in the Congregation inquire one to the other on who might be best to lead at this time.   This is done in a spirit of prayer and fraternal charity. Lobbying is  excluded and focus on the personal qualities is emphasised irrespective of nationality, tribe, colour or cultural background.   The greater good of the Order is the goal in mind.

So the delegates will enter into a kind of retreat over the next few days, praying, fasting, having fraternal conversations with one another about people who could be the future General.  Hopefully, it will be known by Friday next.  Prayers are requested.

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