Sunday, 16 October 2016

A day of rest -day 14 of GC36

Today Sunday was a day of rest for the delegates.  It was a pretty intense and intensive week.  For  many delegates this is their first Congregation.  The murmuratio experience was a new discernment experience for many. The sense of peace and consolation so many feel within and without the Congregation is a confirmation that the decision made was a sound one.  The Holy Spirit is somewhat like our mothers -she finally gets her way! When one is honest and open and enters into a spirit of dialogue seeking the truth with one another God is present and working.

One was very aware of another election going on in the USA as one  was choosing a General.  It was quite a contrast of conversations- to seek the person who can serve the common good and  who is ready to give their life for the sake of the other and be ready to endure all  for the sake of the truth and be a friend  of the poor key were key points of  conversation about who could be the best man to lead the Society of Jesus in the next few years.  Ego or seeking self glory, status  and personal ambition has no place in christian leadership.

Tomorrow begins the second half of the Congregation in Rome just beside St Peter's Square which always look beautiful in the night light.

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