Thursday, 20 October 2016

Fr. General gives his first input to Congregation- Day 18 of Congregation

If one is to describe a style of leadership that this General will  live it could be said to be a more participative style.   Tempus forte, which is really  time away for team reflection will be underscored by him, he will build teams and invite participation at different and from different levels of management and be inclusive in regards bringing lay staff on board and seek their input. He will appoint an Assistant who will  help him to focus on discernment on long term goals.

Institutional conversion  was a key word used in helping us to understand that governance institutions and structures will need to be monitored and evaluated regularly to check if they are fit for purpose.  

In the afternoon  input was given on the mission and life document and the members then retired into Assistancy groups to choose possible candidates for Regional Assistants.

It is still odd to be talking about structures before we talk about mission but given that the new General needs to have a team around him as soon as possible one can understand the reasoning for such a process.

Let the discussions on mission and life come quickly!

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