Thursday, 13 October 2016

The conversations conclude -Day 11 of GC 36

Today was the fourth and last day of the murmuratio the process the Jesuits use to elect a General.  It  is a series of one to one conversations between the delegates on who could be a possible candidate.  One can then speak to mentioned candidates in an atmosphere of listening, mutual respect and trust in the Holy Spirit. Tomorrow Friday after 7.30am Mass the delegates will take their place in the aula and cast their written vote.  There should be a new General by 1pm and the Society of Jesus will be made whole again after being left like an orphan since the resignation of the last General last week.

It is a wonderful time of expectation  and longing to move on recognising that 4 days of discernment of the best candidates is sufficient.  The talking is over and tomorrow the voting and election will be completed. May the Holy Spirit continue to enlighten the assembled delegates
in their choice.

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  1. Looking forward to hearing what you all have decided!!! Best of luck to all of you. Sending love and Ignatian prayers to all if you in Rome!!