Thursday, 6 October 2016

Slowing it down- 4th day of GC36

The last  three days have been intense with 215 delegates getting to know one another, discussing wide ranging topics  from community life to ecology and preparing for the murmuratio which is the process of prayerful conversation between members about possible candidates for  the post of General.  This process was to begin on Friday but will now begin next Monday.  This gives the Delegates a chance  to savour what has been shared, catch their breath and continue  to meet, greet and connect with one another.

The challenges ahead for the Society was discussed and the kind of gifts a new General might need to carry out these tasks was also the subject of shared conversations. Deepening the Ignatian legacy of  the Spiritual exercises in each member and sharing it with other, consolidating  the universal and local mission  of the Society of Jesus, being present to migrant and refugee crisis in the world today and  strengthening the intellectual  work of the `society in the service of the `church and world were but a few of the tasks mentioned.

The qualities of the new General are to name but a few,  he needs to be a man of God, who loves the the Church and the Society of Jesus and who loves the poor and can continue the way of Pope Francis who shows by his words and actions how to be Church today.

Tomorrow all the Delegates will concelebrate Maas in St Peter's Basilica.

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