Thursday, 27 October 2016

Tremors felt in Rome-25th Day of GC36

Three tremors shook the doors and light fixtures of the  house  last night on the edge of St. Peter's Square.  No one was hurt or injured but thoughts and prayers are with the people at the epicentre of the earthquake in the NE of Rome.

No such tremors or earthquakes occurred with in the body of the Congregation on the 25th day.

Ordinary governance  issues were discussed from the Roman houses - that is jesuit communities and works entrusted to the Jesuits in Rome and also amendments to the formula on calling and running a General Congregation.

The assembly was given the afternoon free to read documents  and will return  tomorrow to share their reflections.  The Congregation will then move on to discuss further the life and mission decree. Governance issues are honey to canon lawyers and governance gurus and hopefully,  more energy will be generated when the life and mission issues come up for further discussion.

The pictures from the Pope's  visit have appeared for collection and they have generated real excitement because they are great memories of such a special event.

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