Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Discussions continue on Governance- Day 16 of GC 36

In many ways the Society of Jesus is like a multinational organisation and structures of governance which were so assiduously worked out by the founder Ignatius are still functioning pretty well. But the question must be asked how suitable are they  to the 21st century in executing the mission of the Society. This is  the nature of the discussion going on  amongst the members at present. We live in an age of fast communication, an over flow of information with technology that connects people so quickly. The question needs to be asked if governance need to be decentralised so that the General is not just preoccupied with the daily operations of the organisation  but rather discerning with his helpers the major strategic objectives of the Society of Jesus.  These issues cannot be solved in meeting like a Congregation but some advice can be given to the new General on how to proceed and it is up to him with his new team to follow up.

Meeting one another and getting perspectives from different people from different corners of the world continues to be fascinating and enriching.  Being in Rome also gives one an opportunity to meet ones fellow Jesuits from the home Province as we did tonight.

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