Friday, 21 October 2016

Should the Congregation write a decree? Day 19 of GC

Discussion took place today on the second draft of a document entitled ' called to depth of life and mission' which in its first draft was called 'to love and serve our common homes'.   This looks at what the jesuits' mission is today and tomorrow.  Before the Congregation many people mentioned there should be no further decrees but implement ones which have already been written.  In a world that is changing rapidly and where we have a Pope who is a lightening rod to all in underlining the issues of brokenness in our world .e.g. global warming, people on the move, the family, it will be surprising if the Jesuits remain silent on these very issues. After the Pope meets the Congregation more light will be given to members on what the church is asking of them at present.

How this concern and mission orientation will be  expressed through a decree or a statement of some sort one needs to wait and see.  Next week should be an interesting week because next to the act of electing a General this issue of our mission today is really important and people look forward to something inspiring, integrative and gives real energy and focus to the work of the jesuits in the world in the years to come. Let us wait and see.

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