Wednesday, 5 October 2016

The encounter continues- day 3 of GC36

The General Congregation continues  in small group meetings enabling the 215 delegates to get to know one another in different language groups.  The group sharing includes not only discussions about the identity and mission of the Society but also invite the participants to share  morsels of their life story.
What continues it amaze one is the variety and richness of peoples' personal and mission stories.  The variety of work Jesuits do in the world  from astronomy to working with tribal and marginalised groups, to working in education and spirituality, ecology and pastoral work to name but a few.  All this  is indicative of the different gifts members bring to the Congregation.

There is  a retreat like atmosphere of silence, prayer, discussion and reflection.  All this is done  in the the light of choosing a new General in the days to come.  This process should begin next Friday.   

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