Saturday, 15 October 2016

A day of thanks giving- Day 13 of GC 36

At 10.30am this morning the delegates of the Congregation and many Jesuits of the Roman communities gathered to celebrate a Mass of thanksgiving with the new Fr. General in the Jesuit Church of the Gesu.  It was a solemn occasion in this beautiful Church and yet very Roman and very male and clerical - few lay people in sight and even fewer women.

 It is easy to understand how Rome can be  all consuming in a Church clerical culture somewhat apart from the real world.  This is a culture Pope Francis is challenging and will be indeed be  supported by his fellow South American.  Both bring a different experience of Church with them to Rome.

The consolation of members continues by the choice of General.  It is a sign the world is changing, the Church is changing, Rome is changing and the Society of Jesus is changing.  The first moustached General from outside Europe will bring new perspectives and a new vision of Church which is more inclusive,  collegial and hopefully, closer to the poor and be a stronger voice of the poor.

The work on decrees, documents and discussions on our mission will begin on Monday and this is the second part of the work of GC36.

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