Monday, 10 October 2016

The murmuratio has begun- Day 8 of GC 36

Monday 10th October is the day when was what is  called the murmuratio begins.  It is a kind of a spiritual speed dating between members who after prayer and quiet speak to each other  about possible candidates to become General.  Usually each member has a list of prospective candidates and one requests some time with a companion who knows that person or persons better than oneself and seeks his advice on his suitability  for leadership.  Light lunch is taken together which gives ample time for people to mingle and meet.  All this is done in an atmosphere of respectful quiet, truth and openness.  The day finishes with Benediction and Mass in language groups.  It is such contrast to what we understand as electioneering, promoting candidates or campaigning for ones favourite person.  If this happens judges appointed according to length of years in the society, will intervene.

Trust in the spirit of God who moves and speaks through one another is paramount and one looks forward to the fruit of this communal discernment.

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