Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Encounters and conversations continue- Day 9 of GC36

The conversations continue between delegates in discerning who can be the next leader of the Jesuits in the world.  Age, health, governance experience, vision for the future, love and closeness to the poor, spiritual depth and kindness, capacity to listen , have good team skills, be attentive and be able to read the signs of the times  are but some of the characteristics sought in the new General.  A number of people emerge with many outstanding skills but ultimately it is the whole person rather  than just the skill will win out.  Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit  and through the delegates' openness and trust
 the right person will be chosen.
It is indeed  a privilege to be apart of this historical week for the Society of Jesus.  So many people in the world are praying with the congregation members and one feels this energy from within the walls of the aula.  Keep up the prayers.

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