Saturday, 8 October 2016

GC 36-first week over -6th day.

Today, Saturday 8th October the Congregation sat until 11.30 am and finished the day and week with Mass.  The morning started as usual with prayer and then an input from a few experienced members on what this murmuratio is all about. This process of electing a General is a time of prayer, quiet, openess,  trust and generosity to enable the election of the best candidate for the good of the Society of Jesus and of  the Church. It is a time to speak one to one and inquire about individuals who could be candidates.  One cannot campaign for anyone and if one is found to be campaigning one is reported and disciplined.  One experienced member shared that it is time of prayer, recollection and penance in order to be free and listen to the spirit of God leading to the election of the best candidate.  There should be a new General by Friday 15th October.

The first week is over  and much was achieved.  The highlight of the week was firstly, meeting so many in the diversity of language, culture and colour.  In the diversity there is a unity of desire and mission to serve humanity according to the charism of St. Ignatius.  This unity in diversity is what is so striking in a gathering like this.   The other highlight of the week was the resignation of Fr. Nicolas.  It was like mourning a brother and a father  who has passed on and leaving the family without a father.  It was also a moment of loving tenderness, gratitude and respect for such a gentle and wise father whose humility is touching.  It was also a time of wishing him well and hopes he gets a good rest  before his next mission. Finally, it was a moment of looking forward and preparation for the election of a new General.  The responsibility entrusted to the members is  huge  to listen and follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit in the coming days in order that the best person be chosen.  All were  grateful that this process is not being rushed but  taken at a gentle rhythm.   

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