Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The talks carry on Day 10 of GC 36

The conversations between the members of the Congregation  about a suitable candidate to become General of the Society of Jesus  continues for the third day.  The long list of possible candidates in each persons mind  has been reduced to a few and  members ask one another more focussed questions about a candidate one may know or have worked and lived with. It is a fascinating process  where one continues to ask open questions about the person concerned.  Can he govern well?  Has he a vision for the future? Is he an inspiring figure?  Is he a real leader? Has he a depth of spirituality?  Can he carry the weight of responsibility given to him?  Is he open to other cultures?  Does he have international experience and universal outlook?  The persons and persons whose names turn up frequently in conversations are asked by members to sit down with them and talk about their vision if they are elected. This is not easy for them because they know they are being talked about and assessed by many people.

One is not asking for a super man because he does not exist but someone one has qualities that give greater glory to God in governing the Society.  No doubt with the guidance of the Holy Spirit the right person will be chosen on Friday.  Keep up the prayers 

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