Friday, 28 October 2016

Moving on to life and mission- Day 26 of GC36

Governance and juridical issues in relation to the institute are always important elements of work in GCs  and can take up much time and energy. How to deal with them in the most efficient and effective way  in such a large assembly is a challenge of process.  Everyone of the 215 delegates has an opinion whether one has sufficient expertise or not in canon law or governance issues.  Jesuits have an opinion on everything so process is key if time is not wasted and energy is not depleted before more important issues are dealt with.  Governance and structures are all about effecting mission.

It was with get relief the proposed decree on life and mission came up for discussion.  It  has already gone to the third draft and the presence and words of Pope Francis on Monday has inspired the tone and content of the new draft.  Discussions of this vey important decree will continue since it touches on the very  heartbeat of Jesuit mission today and tomorrow.  The depth of experience of mission in the hall from working with the Dalits in India to working in the peace process on Colombia to teaching contextual theology in Delhi contributes such richness to the discussions.

In the evening members were invited to the Gregorian University the oldest and most famous Jesuit teaching faculty in Rome.  It was a time of meeting and gathering of all the Irish jesuits in Rome at present.

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