Sunday 2 October 2016

Society of Jesus invited to dare the audacity of the improbable at the GC 36 opening Mass

GC 36 has begun with the opening Mass at the Gesu Church in Rome.  The Gesu Church is the mother Church of the Society of Jesus and holds the tomb of St Ignatius of Loyola.  Over 300 concelebrants took part and Fr. Bruno Cadore OP,  the Master of the Dominican Order at the invitation of Fr. General SJ, was the chief celebrant and homilist.

Taking the Sunday readings of 2nd October , 2016 and inspired by the Gospel of today which begun with the apostles asking Jesus "Lord increase our faith' he continued to say this pressing request to the Lord is the most beautiful prayer one can imagine to open the celebration of the General Congregation.  He continued to  say that in the Gospel of today Jesus point out two reasons  why this prayer is so right.  This faith is necessary-even if it remains as modest  in appearance  as a mustard seed- because it is about daring to aim for the improbable:constantly calling the Society to dare the  audacity of the improbable
 and the evangelical witness to do it with the humility of those who know that, in this service where the human engages all his energy, everything depends on God.

In short this was was a call to the Jesuits to be courageous in their deliberations during this Congregation.  The deliberations begin tomorrow morning at 9.15am, 3rd October, 2016 and  may they be filled with the Holy Spirit and with the gift of courage.


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